Ready for spring

During Easter, we took a trip to London… Spring definitely has arrived!
However, though the sun was shining, the weather was a bit chilly.

Sweatshirt from Zara, 19 €
Hat from LPB Boys, 10 €
Jeans from Zara, 20 €
Sneakers from Ecco, 70 €





A pair of Sneaks are mandatory for a cool kid and right now, with the January sales more than one pair of sneaks is an option;)

I love sneaks and last season we’ve bought a pair of black Adidas Gazelle with yellow stripes & a pair of Nike free and both pair were awesome.

However, this spring Mini Mr.X is gonna wear stripes from Adidas and Hummel.
A blue pair and a brown/deep red pair from Adidas & a black pair from
We of course always buy a nice pair of leather shoes for going out, sneaks is NOT a 360* item.

Bring on spring!

Clothes for winter season..

I was going through Mini Mr.Xs wardrobe the other night and realised that he was not prepared for winter season at all.

I took a quick decision and the next day, I ran through ZARAs new fall/winter boys collection.

I spent approximately 100 € and this is what I got:

1. Quilted jacket with leather elbow patches. 26.50 €.

Quilted Jacket with leather elbow patches

2. Checked shirt in Red  and Blue. 18 € a piece  – These are extra warm because of the thick material – I love them!

Checked shirt Red and Blue

3.  “New Punk” SO COOL red sweatshirt. 18 € -& Deep blue cardigan with leather elbow patches. 18 €

Sweatshirt & Cardigan

So winter .. bring it on!

Too busy to write.. but never too busy for love

Too busy to write.. but never too busy for love

I apologise for neglecting the blog.
However, there is a very good reason.
Besides job and life in general, have we the last couple of months been busy with wedding arrangements.
We got married the 12th of October .. All in good shape.

Mini Mr. X was wearing:
Oxford shirt from ZARA. 17 €
Vest from ZARA . 35 €
Dark blue bow with stars from H&M. 5 €.

A BMX toddler career?

Mini Mr.X is pursuiting some kind of toddler BMX career and is finally big enough (2,5 years old) to ride a pedal bike. 

As a balance-bike kid we bought him a Kokua Balance bike. Best buy ever! He got it when he was 1,5 years old and it has been a very treasured “toy” ever since. 

Now he can ride a bike at an early age thanks to the balance-bike invention! 

Kokua balance bike, 200 €

BMW pedal bike ( pedals can be removed, and the bike functions as a balance-bike – 2-in-1) – we’ve bought it used, 70 €. (From new app. 350 €)


Boats and …

Mini Mr.X and a (big) boat.

What more to say?


Sandals from Bundgaard, 55 €  ( We prioritize quality footwear)

Swim shorts from Zara, 10 €

Polo T-shirt from Zara, 7 € on sale

Sunglasses from Stadium, 15 €

Boats from Marbella, Puerto Banus, Spain, at least 1 million € … ( Not on sale)

I promise this will be the last picture of summer outfits. Moving on to fall… :/